Sons of Confederate Veterans
Nampa Idaho

Camp 2244

Following The War Between the States, the surviving Southern soldiers came together to form a veterans organization known as The United Confederate Veterans (UCV). The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) is the heir to this legacy.

Since 1896 The Sons of Confederate Veterans has served as a historical, patriotic, and cultural organization dedicated to insuring the true history of the 1861-1865 period and our Confederate American heritage and culture are preserved and transmitted intact to future generations.

Corporal William Mink Camp 2244, Nampa Idaho. was established in 2014 to help commemorate this heritage in the Pacific Northwest.


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The members of Camp 2244 are proud descendants of veterans who served honorably in the Confederate armed forces. Discover more about these men and their role in Civil War history at our Muster List and History Blog.

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Preserving History

Camp 2244 defends Confederate heritage and history. We are not affiliated with any other organization and fiercely protect the Constitutional rights of every U.S. citizen.

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SCV Headquarters

The National Headquarters for the SCV has detailed information about the organization including membership eligibility, Division listings, geneology, and Civil War history.

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